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Blood pressure may fluctuate depending on changing conditions, and
therefore it may not always be possible to correctly assess it based
on a single measurement. Our blood pressure monitor allows you to save
the results in the device's memory, along with the date and time of
measurement. It allowed for monitoring pressure changes. In addition,
our device is equipped with a large, readable display on which you can
easily read the results of your measurement. Do you want to have a
private doctor? Take me with you!
* Type: Shoulder
* Display: LCD: 53 x 77 mm
* Environmental requirements: Relative humidity and temperature:
Operating: 10 ° C to 40 ° C; 30% to 80% RH Storage: -20 ° C to 60
° C; 10% to 95% RH
* Power supply: AAA batteries
* Measuring range: Pressure: 0-290 mmHg (0-40 kPa) Pulse: 40-180
beats / min
* Heart rate measurement: Yes
* Measurement memory: 60
* Date and time of measurement: Yes
* Diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias: No.
* Cuff: Cuff adjustment: in the range of 22-32 cm
* White color
* Other parameters: Fast automatic air release by electromagnetic
control valve. Electrostimulation semiconductor pressure sensor
* Type of guarantee: normal warranty
* Measurement accuracy (pulse): 5%
* Weight: 0.48 kg

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Κωδικός : 30-ise-ECB003









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