Universal Spider Podium Mobile Phone Selfie Stand Grip(Black)

Universal Spider Podium Mobile Phone Selfie Stand Grip(Black)

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About the product

1. Unique spider 8 legs design 

2. Spider feet is made of flexible material, which make it flexible to DIY any shape 

3. Complete flexibility made for any rotational range 

4. Bandable holder, slim & portable,you can put it in any hand bag,easy taking 

5. Countless ways you can make a stand for you mobile device 

6. Soft silicone appearance,touch smoothly, scratch-resistant, shock-proof 

7. Can be excellent intelligent toys/tools to improve your imagination & creativity 

8. Very convenient to used in the car, in the office, at home, in bedroom, bicycles and so on , as long as you can think of where it will never disappointed you. 

9. Made of metal core inside and hard rubber around the outside to ensure a more secure hold and never hurt your device 

10. Light weight and durable for use


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