Screen Protector Προστασία Οθόνης για notebook 14.2″

Screen Protector Προστασία Οθόνης για notebook 14.2″

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Κωδικός: 41-sun-0-53 | UPC/EAN: 7461719486678



Screen Guard for notebook/LCD monitor screen Protector

1) The material is PET of import quality.

2) The protective film has been processed to prevent scratch and friction.

3) The protective has been processed to prevent ultraviolet ray which may harms the liquid crystat screen.

4) It can reduce the reflection rate by 90% and reach a diaphanousness rate as high as 99%, which leads to a clear and vivid picture.

5) Upon pasting the film, the occurrence of bubble is very low and the film can reused several times


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