Battery for Canon BP-511/511A(Black) 2500mAh

Battery for Canon BP-511/511A(Black) 2500mAh

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About the product

1. Brand new and high quality Li-ion battery for Canon BP-511/511A 
2. Best replacement for the original battery with comparable working time 
3. The Li-ion battery provides excellent continuous power sources to your device 
4. Use the authorized charger only 
5. If you don’t use the battery for a long time, please put it in a dry and cool place and make it full charged once every three months 
6. Compared with Nickel-Cadmium battery, the Li-ion battery has no memory effect 
7. Integrated microchip inside prevents overcharging and lengthens battery life


To reduce risk of fire or bums, do not disassemble, crush, short circuit, or dispose of it in fire or water 

Suitable for the following models:

Canon PowerShot G1 / G2 / G3 / G5
Canon PowerShot Pro1 / Pro 90 IS, EOS 10D / EOS 300D, 30-MV / MV-30i / MV-300 / MV-300i, MV-400 / MV-400i, MV-430i / MV-450 / MV-450i, CMV500 / MV500i / MV530i / MV550i, MV600 / MV600i / MV630i / MV650i, MV700 / MV700i / MV750i,, MVX100i / MVX150i, MVX1 / MVX1i / MVX2i / MVX3i / MVXli
Canon Optura 10 / Optura 100 MC
Canon Optura 20 / Optura 200 MC
Canon Optura Pi
Canon FV300 KIT / FV40 KIT
Canon ZR10 / ZR20 / ZR25MC / ZR30MC
Canon ZR50MC / ZR60 / ZR65MC / ZR70MC
Canon EOS 300 D, EOS 20D

Can be used in models of similar construction.

Can the batteries be replaced following:

Canon BP-508 / BP-512 / BP-522 / BP-535
Hi-Capacity B-9552 / B-9553
Polaroid PR-511L / PR-522L
Lenmar DLC511 / LIC511
Energizer ER-C590
Maxell M7222

and wherever the BP-511 also is capable of.

7.4 volts
Li-Ion Technology


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